Step 1 — Go to your Reports page

On your Shot List & Storyboards page, click the Print View button.


Step 2 — Filter by All Scenes

On your Print View page, it will automatically be filtered by All Scenes. You can also uncheck specific scenes in which you don't want to print, this is shown on the left column. To filter by day, click the All Scenes drop-down above and select a specific Day.


Step 3 — Print or Save as a PDF

Now, click the Print button. If your printer is selected, his Save and it will start printing your Report. To save as a PDF, click Change next to Destination, click Save as PDF, then hit Save. In the dialog box, select a destination and click Save.

If you're seeing a URL on the top and bottom of your Report, you can easily remove this. In the Print Dialog pop-up, click More Settings in the Print Dialog box, then uncheck Headers and Footers.

Note: If your shot list and storyboard is getting cut off, this may be due to printing on the Edit Shot List page. To remedy this, we suggest printing via your Print View page as mentioned above, which has been optimized for printing and sharing. 

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