Before you start, please note: 

  1. StudioBinder only support .fdx script files made in Final Draft 9 or higher, or .fountain script files made in Highland. If your script was written using other softwares, you can convert it to .fdx or .fountain here.
  2. Users on the Free plan will be able to import a portion of their script so they can demo the stripboard feature. To import an entire screenplay, you must first subscribe to one of the following plans: Scheduler, Professional or Studio.
  3. Recommended: We suggest you generate scene numbers in Final Draft prior to importing into StudioBinder so you don't need to edit each strip manually. 

Step 1 — Upload your screenplay

On the Stripboard page, click Import Script.

Step 2 — Select your script file

On the overlay, drag and drop your script file (.fdx) or click Browse  and oepn your script.

Step 3 — Script will be imported

Your script will automatically be imported after selecting your file. 

What happens if I import a new version of my screenplay?

When you re-import a new version of your script, this will automatically create a new version of your stripboard, shot list, breakdown, and storyboard. Your work is not lost or deleted, in fact, you can roll back to a previous version of your stripboard and your work will re-appear.

Tip: If you receive an Internal Server Error, there may be a formatting issue with your script file that must be resolved prior to importing into StudioBinder. Follow these steps to ensure your script is properly formatted and audited before you import. 

Note that StudioBinder only supports Final Draft file types (.fdx) at the moment. 

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