Are you looking to download your script? Sometimes you might need a copy of your screenplay on short notice. For example, a crew member needs a copy of the latest script.

A copy of all imported screenplays is saved to your storage folder automatically, allowing you to conveniently access or share your script whenever needed. So how do you download a script?

Downloading  your screenplay.

Go to Storage

  1. On the Storage page, click Scripts.
  2. Hover over your script and click the download icon.
  3. Select a destination, then click Save.

What format will my screenplay be in?

Your screenplay will be in the same format that it was imported in. the format cannot be changed.

Can I export different versions of my script?

Yes, you can export a copy of any script that has been uploaded to StudioBinder. 

Best Practices

  • Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to make last minute changes before going into production.
  • Sharing a link can be great, since you can make changes with your team and share notes all within the app!

What's Next?

Great, now that you learned about downloading a copy of your screenplay, it's time to:

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