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How to Generate a DOOD Report Summary
How to Generate a DOOD Report Summary

Learn step-by-step how to create a DOOD Report Summary.

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Step 1 — Access Reports Page

From inside of a project, under the Breakdowns menu, select Reports.

Step 2 — Navigate Reports

On the Reports page click the Report Type dropdown menu and select Day out of Days (DOOD).

Step 3 — Select Schedule

Once on the DOOD Report, if you have multiple schedules, select which schedule to generate the report for.

Step 4 – Filter

Now, use the filters on the toolbar to only show the information you would like included on the report.

To create the summary only, click the Display Options and disable the Show Days option.

Step 5 – Print/Save

To save the report summary, click the More (Settings) button and select Print from the dropdown menu.

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