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Roll Back to Previous Screenplay Using Version History
Roll Back to Previous Screenplay Using Version History

Learn how to switch back to any version of your script.

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StudioBinder makes it simple to swap back and forth between different versions of a script. For example, you want to go back to a previous version of a shooting schedule to see if it flows better than the new version. This is useful when you need to compare the two versions quickly.

Click Version History

1 – From the Stripboard page, click Version History.

2 – Select a different script, then click Make Current to swap to a previous version of the shooting schedule.

Note: After swapping to a previous version, a confirmation notification will appear.

Will all my previous information be retained?

Yes, all of your work from your previous versions are still available to access anytime.

Can I merge multiple Versions?

No, however, StudioBinder makes it easy to sync shooting schedules when you upload a new version of your script.

Can I import multiple scripts into a single Project?

The Free plan only allows you to import one version of your screenplay to test-drive. If you upgrade to a premium plan, you'll be able to upload multiple Versions of your script which you can easily swap between.

Can I duplicate my shooting schedule (stripboard) to create variations?

Best practices when using version history

Remember to always double-check what version you are working on to avoid duplicating work unnecessarily.

Note: StudioBinder automatically labels each script you import with the time, date, and version number.

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