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How To Tag Elements in Breakdowns
How To Tag Elements in Breakdowns

Learn how to tag elements on the Breakdowns page.

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Looking to tag your script? The first step to create your scene breakdown sheet would be to tag up the key elements in the screenplay you imported. This becomes especially useful if you're looking to add more information to a particular Scene, i.e. whether a scene needs Special Effects or not.

Simply highlight and tag parts of your screenplay within a Category, and they'll be color-coded for you. Here's how to break down your script:

Step 1 — Go to Breakdowns

In the Breakdown menu, select Breakdowns.

Step 2 — Select a Scene

On the Breakdowns Index page, select a scene to begin tagging by clicking the scene heading.

Step 3 — Tag Elements

To tag an element, simply double-click a word or select a group of words in the script and a drop-down menu will appear to select an element category.

Can I change the color of an Element?

There isn't any way to change the color of a default Category, however, if you create a new Category, you'll be able to change the color.

Can I mark an element in more than one Category?

Currently, there isn't any way to select a word that has been tagged already and mark it in another category, however, you can manually add the element using the sidebar.

The sidebar on my Breakdown page isn't appearing, why?

If the sidebar isn't appearing, it's most likely due to your browser width. Extend your browser and you should be good to go!

Automatically tag all mentions

Instead of tagging the same element in multiple scenes manually, when tagging an element select Tag all mentions in script and the word that has been selected will be tagged in any scene it appears in.

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