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How to Remove a Screenplay Version
How to Remove a Screenplay Version

Learn how to remove your shooting script from StudioBinder.

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Are you looking to delete a script that you just uploaded?

When you import a new screenplay to your project, StudioBinder automatically saves your previous draft to your Version History. However, if you would like to remove an old draft completely, or remove an imported script, follow these steps.

Note: The version history on the Screenplays page is separate from the version history of the project. To remove a version from the project you must be subscribed to a paid plan.

Step 1 — Go to your Stripboards page

On your Stripboards page, click on Version Manager.

Step 2 — Choose a Script to Remove

All of your imported/synced scripts are available in Version History. Find the correct script, then click Remove Version.

Note: The Current version selected cannot be removed. To remove this version you must first click Make Current on another version.

Step 3 — Confirm Removal

To confirm the removal, click Remove. This action cannot be undone, all data attached to the removed script will be lost.

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