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How to create multiple versions of the stripboard
How to create multiple versions of the stripboard

Learn how to create different versions of your shooting schedule

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Sometimes you'll want to create an alternate shooting schedule to see which option would work best for your production timeline and budget. There are two ways to create a new version of your stripboard. See how below.

Duplicate Schedule

If you only want to change a few minor things on the schedule while keeping everything else the same, then this may be the option for you.

Step 1 ⏤ Click More

On the Stripboards page, click the More button on the Schedules sidebar.

Step 2 ⏤ Click Duplicate Schedule

In the drop-down menu, click Duplicate Schedule.

You will now have a duplicate schedule that you can modify independently from the original.

New Schedule

If you're looking to create a completely new schedule you'll want to go with this option.

Step 1 ⏤ Click Add New Schedule

In the Schedules sidebar, click Add New Schedule.

Step 2 – Add a Schedule Name

In the pop-up, give the new schedule a name and click Create Schedule

You will now have a new schedule option in your Schedules sidebar.

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