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How to Split a Scene on the Shooting Schedule
How to Split a Scene on the Shooting Schedule

Learn how to split a scene on the Stripboards page

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Not all scenes are created equally, some require more time and effort to pull off. If you have a scene that is going to require more than one day to shoot follow these steps to split up the scene on the stripboard:

Step 1 – Go to Breakdowns

In the left navigation sidebar, under the Breakdown menu, click Breakdowns.

Step 2 – Duplicate Scene

On the Breakdowns page, click the More button on the scene you would like to split, then select Duplicate Scene from the drop-down menu. In the pop-up, find where in the scene you would like to split and remove the text above then click Save Scene.

Note: StudioBinder will automatically append an alphanumeric scene number for you, so the existing scene numbers are not affected. The scene heading information should be exactly the same as it's the same scene, only split.

Step 3 – Edit Existing Scene

Now that you have the second half of the scene set you'll want to edit the original scene to only include the first half of the scene. Click Preview Scene, then select Edit Scene. Remove the second half of the scene and click Save Scene.

Note: This will create a new version of the script on the Screenplay page so you can continue to edit the script with the most up-to-date revisions.

Now on your Stripboard, you will have two separate scene strips that you can schedule independently.

Note: If there were any tagged elements in the scene being split, the elements that appear in the "new" scene will have to be retagged.

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