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Can I view call sheets on my phone?
Can I view call sheets on my phone?

See what call sheets look like on mobile devices.

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Call sheets are viewable on any mobile device and will always show the most up-to-date version.

Step 1 — Click View and Confirm Call Sheet

After sending your call sheet, recipients must open the call sheet email and click View & Confirm Call Sheet.

Step 2 — Browse the call sheet

Every section of your call sheet has been optimized for mobile devices and includes the following information: a confirmation button, weather information, general message, location and parking addresses with maplinks, shooting schedule, cast and crew list, and more.

Step 3 — Get in touch with your team

If you have added an email address and phone number to your crew, get in touch with them via your phone by clicking on the arrow and clicking either the phone number or email listed.

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