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Resend a Call Sheet

Follow these steps to properly resend a call sheet

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Changes to call sheets are pretty much inevitable in the production world. If you've sent your call sheet and had to make changes follow the steps below to resend the call sheet to all or select recipients.

Resend to ALL recipients

Step 1 — Click the More button

On your Call Sheets page, click the More button on the far right of the strip.

Step 2 — Click Resend Call Sheet

In the drop-down menu, click the Resend Call Sheet.

Step 3 — Confirm and Resend

In the pop-up, click Send To (X) Recipients.

Resend to SELECT recipients

Step 1 — View Stats

On the Call Sheets page, click View Stats.

Step 2 — Select Recipients

On the Stats page, select the recipient(s) you would like to resend the call sheet to using the checkboxes.

Step 3 — Click Send Call Sheet

On the toolbar, click Send Call Sheet.

Tip: You can copy yourself on the call sheet emails, reset the view and confirmation count, or even include a general message.

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