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Track Call Sheet Views and Confirmations
Track Call Sheet Views and Confirmations

Learn how to track call sheet confirmation in a single click.

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How do you know if your call sheet was successfully delivered to your talent and crew? How do you know if your cast actually opened the email? StudioBinder makes tracking confirmations for your cast and crew very easy.

Step 1 — Go to your Stats page

On your Call Sheets page, click View Stats.

Step 2 — View Call Sheet Status

On your Stats page, you can view the call sheet views and current status.

Note: If a call sheet has just been sent, a refresh is required (Command + R -Mac, Ctrl + R -PC) for the status to update.

Call Sheet Status Definitions:

  1. Unsent: Call sheet has not been sent to recipient.

  2. Sent: The call sheet has been successfully delivered to recipient.

  3. Bounced: Receiving server could not or would not accept message.

  4. Spam: Recipient marked message as spam.

  5. Delivered: Message has been successfully delivered to the receiving server.

  6. Opened: Recipient received the call time email and opened it.

  7. Confirmed: You can see who confirmed their call time with a timestamp for verification.

  8. Blocked: When your IP address has been added to a blacklist, they have been blocked by an ISP or messaging organization, the affected email shows up with this status.

  9. Dropped: You may see the following drop reasons: Invalid SMTPAPI header, Spam Content (if spam checker app enabled), Unsubscribed Address, Bounced Address, Spam Reporting Address, Invalid, Recipient List over Package Quota

  10. Deferred: Recipient’s email server temporarily rejected message.

Who will receive the call sheet confirmation notification email?

Currently, whoever is the admin on the account will receive all confirmation notifications via email. If you'd like to change who receives the confirmations, you can easily do this by changing the login email to someone else on your team (i.e. your AD). This also applies when you deliver a call sheet and choose to be "copied" to them.

Will a call sheet be marked as viewed if the text link is read or just the email?

A call sheet that has been marked as "Viewed" means that the contact actually visited the webpage to view the call sheet.

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