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How to download and print call sheets
How to download and print call sheets

Find out how to export and print your call sheet in PDF format.

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If you're looking to save your call sheet before sending it, you must be subscribed to one of our premium plans that offers complete call sheet functionality. To download PDF copies of your call sheet so you can send it manually, simply upgrade your account and follow these steps:

From Preview Page

Step 1 โ€“ Click More

On the Preview page of the call sheet builder, click the More button.

Step 2 โ€“ Select Download PDF

In the drop-down menu, select Download PDF.

From Call Sheets Page

Step 1 โ€” Click Download PDF

On your Call Sheet page, click the More icon, then click Download PDF.

Step 2 โ€” Download will begin

After clicking the download button, your download will begin generating automatically.

Where are call sheets saved to?

Typically, they will be downloaded to a Downloads folder on your computer, however, you can check your browser settings to see where downloaded files are downloaded to.

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