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Edit Crew Call Times and Roles
Edit Crew Call Times and Roles

Update a recipient's call time and assigned role inside the Call Sheet Builder.

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Talent and crew show up to set at different times depending on the scale of production. Alternatively, you may want to set a call time for an entire department, instead of adjusting each individual’s time. Here's how:

Edit Role

Step 1 — Go to the Recipients page

On the Recipients page of your Call Sheet Builder, click more and select Edit Contact.

Step 2 — Select a new role

Change the recipient's role or assign a new role, then click Save Recipient.

Edit Call Times

Step 1 — Select recipients

On the Recipients page, select multiple recipients using the checkboxes and click Edit Call Time.

Step 2 – Set call time

In the pop-up, set the preferred call time and click Save Call Time.

Step 3 – Confirm call time

The Call Time column should now reflect the updated call time for each recipient.

Tip: All changes are automatically saved when updated.

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