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How to Attach Files to a Call Sheet
How to Attach Files to a Call Sheet

Learn how to attach a script, shot lists, or mood boards to your call sheet

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Are you looking to add props, storyboards or shot lists to your call sheet? After saving them as a PDF, simply take a look at the steps below.

Note: File attachments are only available on premium plans.

Step 1 — Go to the Design page

On the Design page of your Call Sheet Builder, scroll down to Attachments section and click Upload File.

Step 2 — Upload a file

Click Browse (or drag and drop a file) and click Upload. The file will automatically upload.

Step 3 — Confirmation

A notification will appear confirming your upload. Hovering over the file will give you several option: Rename, Download, and Remove.

Tip: The total file attachment capacity is 10MB, per call sheet.

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