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How to Create a Call Sheet
How to Create a Call Sheet

Learn how to use StudioBinder's Call Sheet Builder to make a call sheet and send a test to yourself.

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Are you looking to send a call sheet to your crew? Call sheets are daily schedules for your production, so you can easily prep your upcoming call sheets with our web application.

Read the text below to find out how. πŸ‘‡

Step 1 β€” Click New Call Sheet

On your Call Sheets page, click New Call Sheet.

Step 2 β€” Enter the details

In the pop-up, enter your call sheet title, day, and general call time of your shoot, and then click Next.

Note: If you've already built a schedule on the Stripboards page, click the drop-down menu to select a day from your schedule.

Step 3 β€” Select Layout

On the next page select from the pre-designed layouts or custom layouts you've created. Then click Create Call Sheet.

Step 4 β€” Add Recipients

Click on Recipients to add project contacts that the call sheet will be sent to. Adjust call times for each individual as well as any private messages.

Step 5 – Customize your call sheet

On the Design page, add a schedule, shoot location, department notes, or fine-tune any information automatically imported from the stripboard.

Tip: When you're making any changes to your call sheet, it will automatically save.

When you've finished customizing the call sheet click Preview to see the different views the recipients will see and when you're ready to send click Send Call Sheet.

Will my call sheet recipients get a notification on the day of production?

Currently, as soon as you send a call sheet, it will automatically be delivered to your recipients. When they confirm the call sheet, you'll be notified of this right as it happens. There is no way in your Settings to change this currently.

Do all recipients of a call sheet need to sign up for StudioBinder to view the call sheet?

It's not required to sign-up for StudioBinder to view any call sheet that has been delivered to your cast and crew.

Does the call sheet automatically save upon exiting?

When you're making changes inside the call sheet, you'll see a notification pop-up appear on the top-right of the application confirming that all your changes have been saved automatically. This means that your call sheet will save midway and every time you make a change on the call sheet.

How to Send Yourself a Test Call Sheet

If you tried to send a call sheet, but you see a VIP pop-up appear, this is because you must be subscribed to our Premium Plans to deliver and track call sheets to your cast and crew.

This means that if you are on the Free plan, you can only send yourself a test call sheet which will be delivered to the account owner. To send yourself a test, just go to the Stats page, select your contact from the list and click Send Call Sheet on the toolbar.

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