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How to Create an Advance Schedule
How to Create an Advance Schedule

Learn how to add an advance schedule to your call sheet

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Advance schedules are schedules that display the next day's schedule on your call sheet. That way, your talent, and crew will have a good idea of what's coming up next. This is common for many features and short film projects.

Step 1 — Go to your Call Sheet page

On your Call Sheet page, create a new call sheet or click on an existing call sheet.

Step 2 — Click Add Advance Schedule

On the Design page of the Call Sheet Builder, scroll down to the advance schedule section and click Add Advance Schedule.

Step 3 — Create an Advance Schedule

After clicking the button simply add your scenes for the following day or import the scheduled day from your stripboard using the Import Schedules drop-down.

Note: If you spin off a call sheet from the stripboard, and your shooting schedule is complete with day breaks, the advanced schedule will automatically be included.

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