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Sending SMS call sheets
Sending SMS call sheets

Learn how to send a call sheet to a contacts phone number.

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After you create a call sheet you can send SMS notifications to any contact that has a phone number.

Note: All SMS messages are delivered via a +1 US phone number. If you are delivering an SMS call sheet and you're international, your recipients will receive a text message from an international phone number.

Step 1 — Create Call Sheet

Use the Call Sheet Builder to begin creating a Call Sheet.

Step 2 — Add Contacts

Add recipients while building your call sheet, and make sure they have phone numbers.

Step 3 — Enable SMS

To include SMS, toggle the switch on or off after you have clicked Send Call Sheet.

Who pays for the SMS charge?

There is no additional SMS charge from StudioBinder when using this feature. However, when delivering an SMS call sheet, your cast and crew will get charged standard SMS rates based on their cell phone subscription with their carrier. international fees may apply.

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