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How to Private Message Multiple Call Sheet Recipients
How to Private Message Multiple Call Sheet Recipients

Learn how to send a message to more than one recipient.

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When you create a call sheet there is a column to include a private message for each recipient, but sometimes the same message needs to be relayed to specific recipients. Learn how to send a private message to multiple recipients at the same time by following these steps.

Step 1 โ€” Select Contacts

On the Recipients page of the Call Sheet Builder, use the checkboxes to select the contacts you want to message, then click the Message Icon (๐Ÿ’ฌ) at the top.

Step 2 โ€” Draft & Save

In the pop-up, draft your message, then click Save Private Message.

Step 3 โ€” Confirm & Continue

Your message will now appear next to the selected contacts. If everything looks correct, click Next to move on to preview the call sheet.

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