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How to set individual call times
How to set individual call times

Learn how to set call times for recipients of a call sheet.

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Typically not everyone on a production has to be at set at the same time. For example, some crew may need to be there before the talent to prep the set. You can learn how to set individual call times below.

Set Call Times on the Recipients Page

Step 1 Add recipients

In the call sheet builder, click on Recipients and then click Add Recipients.

Step 2 Select contacts

In the pop-up, select the project contacts you would like to add and click Add Selected to Call Sheet.

Step 3 Adjust call time

On the Recipients page, adjust the time in the Call Time column.

Set Call Times on the Design Page

After recipients have been added to the call sheet you can also set or edit call times on the Design page of the call sheet builder.

Note: Each recipient's individual call time will replace the general call time at the top of the call sheet when delivered so they know exactly when they need to be there.

What are the different call times for talent?

For talent, you have the ability to set the following call times:

  • Pickup - If the talent is being picked up and brought to set.

  • Call - When the talent should arrive to set.

  • H/MU (Hair and Makeup) - When talent should arrive at hair and makeup.

  • On Set - When the talent should arrive at the set ready to film.

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