What is a Workflow board?

Learn how to track your team's progress and get more done with StudioBinder's Workflow board.

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A Workflow board is a project management tool that helps visualize your team's progress at a glance. You can create custom lists, task cards, assign teammates to cards and add due dates to always stay on track.

There are many benefits to using Workflow for your production. One of which is that it enables collaboration with your team and helps you reach your production goals faster. You can easily see a pipeline of tasks that need to be completed, what is currently being worked on, and what needs approval. 

The Workflow process makes managing your production effortless and helps your team do their jobs with complete clarity. 

The default Columns (which can be changed) are as follows:

  • On Hold: Tasks that are in the pipeline but don't need immediate attention.

  • In Progress: Tasks that are currently being worked on by your team.

  • Needs Review: Tasks that need to be reviewed by other teammates.

  • Approved: Tasks that have been approved or completed.

How do I make the shooting schedule Task Cards appear on the Workflow board?

When you create new Task Cards on any page (Shooting Schedule, Shot Lists, Script Breakdowns, etc.), it will all automatically aggregate to your Workflow board.

Where can I find the Workflow?

To get started with Workflow, navigate to your Project page and click Workflow. To assign tasks to your teammates, you must first invite your team.

Using Workflow

StudioBinder has built out an extensive Help Center to assist you with Task and Workflow management which you can view right here.

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