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How to Assign Task Cards to Team Members
How to Assign Task Cards to Team Members

Assign specific Task Cards to any teammate on your account.

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When you create a Task Card or New Event, StudioBinder gives you the ability to assign Teammate to the card.

Note: You must be subscribed to the Agency plan (or above) to have Teammates on your account.

Step 1 — Assign

On your Workflow or Calendar page, open a Task Card or open an Event to access it's details, then click Assign User.

Step 2 — Select

In the dropdown, locate the team member you want to assign and click on their name. You will see a checkmark next to their name, they have been selected.

Step 3 — Confirm

After you have assigned a teammate, their profile picture will appear in the Teammates circle; this is confirmation that they have been assigned.

How do I change notification settings?

Currently, when you assign a new Task Card to one of your Teammates, they will receive an email notification for the specific Card that they've been assigned to.

Can I assign a Task to a Collaborator?

Currently you can only assign a Task to a Teammate that you invite to your account, and not Collaborators.

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