Having an advanced schedule on a call sheet lets everyone know what to expect for the coming day, but what if you wanted to include a third or fourth day to incorporate the entire shoot? Follow along below to see how to use banners to create a multi-day advanced schedule.

Step 1 - Spin-off a call sheet

From the shooting schedule page, once you've set your shooting schedule, use the "+" button on the daybreak to create a call sheet that will automatically include that day's schedule on the call sheet.

Step 2 - Add scenes and banners

After filling in the initial details and adding recipients to the call sheet head to the customize section of the call sheet builder. There, scroll down to the advanced schedule. You'll notice that the next day's schedule has already been included for you.

Now, to create a multi-day advanced schedule you can add scenes and use the Schedule banners to indicate the end of a day. If we reference the first image of our shooting schedule we can see that scene 8 is one entire day. So now, I can add a schedule banner to indicate the end of that day and then add scenes 9 & 10 for the third shooting day.

Step 3 - Edit date and day of days

Once you have the schedule set for each day you'll want to modify the date and day of days that appear just above and to the right of the advanced schedule.

Make sure to add the dates for any days you have included in the advanced schedule.

That's it! Now, you have a multi-day advanced schedule so that everyone has an idea of what to expect for the coming days.

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