Custom Scene Synopsis

Learn how to create a custom scene synopsis

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Looking for a more customized one-liner schedule? Look no further. Now, along with the automatically generated scene description you can set a custom scene synopsis for each scene that will be saved and retained anytime a new version of the script is imported or synced to the project. Follow along below to learn how.

Step 1 - Navigate to Stripboards

Using the left sidebar from anywhere in the project hover your cursor over the Breakdown menu and select Stripboards.

Step 2 - Enable Synopsis Column

On the Stripboards page, click the more (Settings) button and select Customize Columns and enable Synopsis.

Note: You can also disable the Description (automatically generated first line from the script) here.

Step 3 - Edit Details

On the stripboard, click the more button for the scene you would like to set a custom synopsis for and select Edit Details.

Now, anytime you import or sync a new version of the script, as long as the scene numbers stay the same, this custom synopsis will be retained. Keeping you from having to enter new descriptions each time.

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