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SMS Messages Not Being Delivered
SMS Messages Not Being Delivered

Learn why SMS messages might not be received by recipients

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StudioBinder strives to ensure reliability when delivering call sheets via SMS. However, sending text messages around the world is not a one-size-fits-all operation.
Deliverability varies by geography, mobile operator, use case, and even for individual companies.

There are quite a few places where SMS delivery might fail, especially as messages move through the interfaces between pieces of infrastructure.

Although not an exhaustive list, common failure vectors include:

  • Telecommunications Networks and Carriers

  • End-Device Level Errors and Exceptions

  • Invalid Numbers or Information

If you suspect it could be an individual device issue, try reaching out to your mobile provider to inquire about any issues in relation to receiving these messages.

Otherwise, reach out via the blue live chat bubble, with the name of the contact(s) that are not being delivered and we'll do everything within our control to see if it can be resolved.

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