Are you looking to send a call sheet to your crew? Call sheets are daily schedules for your production, so you can easily prep your upcoming call sheets with our web application.

Watch this video to see how to create a call sheet, or read the text below 👇

Step 1 — Click New Call Sheet

On your Call Sheets page, click New Call Sheet.

Step 2 — Enter the details

On the General step, enter your call sheet title, day and time of your shoot, and the call sheet type. Then click Next.

Step 3 — Click Select Recipients

On the Recipients step, you can add existing contacts or new contacts to your call sheet. Then click Next.

Step 4 — Customize your call sheet

On the Customize step, add your shooting schedule, shooting locations, client information, and attach files. When you're finished, click Send to deliver your call sheet or Preview to finish your call sheet later.

Tip: When you're making any changes to your call sheet, it will automatically save.

Pro Tip: Watch Special Instructions Video

Will my call sheet recipients get a notification on the day of production?

Currently, as soon as you send a call sheet, it will automatically be delivered to your recipients. When they confirm the call sheet, you'll be notified of this right as it happens. There is no way in your Settings to change this currently.

Do all recipients of a call sheet need to sign up to StudioBinder to view the call sheet?

It's not required to sign-up to StudioBinder to view any callsheet that has been delivered to your cast and crew.

Does the call sheet automatically save upon exiting?

When you're making changes inside the call sheet, you'll see a notification pop-up appear on the top-right of the application confirming that all your changes have been saved automatically.  This means that your call sheet will save midway and everytime you make a change on the call sheet.

How to Send Yourself a Test Call Sheet

If you tried to send a call sheet, but you see a VIP pop-up appear, this is because you must be subscribed to our Premium Plans to deliver and track call sheets to your cast and crew. 

This means that if you are on the Free plan, you can only send yourself a test call sheet which will be delivered to the account owner. To send yourself a test, just go to your View Recipients page and click Send next to your contact.

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