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How to Move Scenes to the Boneyard
How to Move Scenes to the Boneyard

Learn how to easily move your scene strips to the Boneyard.

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What's a Boneyard? This is simply a backlog of scene strips kept away from the main schedule. Strips that are moved to the boneyard typically include but are not limited to, non-essential or removed scenes due to script changes or shooting delays. Another example would be if you wanted to remove scenes that have already been shot.

Step 1 — Select Scene

On your Stripboard page, click to select a scene or multiple scenes (hold the Shift key down to select adjacent scene strips).

Note: To select non-adjacent scenes hold the Command (Mac) CTRL (PC) key on your keyboard down.

Step 2 — Click Archive

On the toolbar, click the Archive button and select Archive Scenes.

Step 3 — Change sorting to Boneyard

Now your scene(s) has been moved to the Boneyard. To view your Boneyard, click the sorting option above and click Boneyard Strips

Tip: You can always move items from the Boneyard back to your Stripboard. Simply select the scene(s) in the Boneyard and click the Restore button on the toolbar.

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