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How to Save Your Stripboard as a PDF
How to Save Your Stripboard as a PDF

Learn how to save your stripboard as a PDF.

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Saving your schedule is something that helps keep track of your scenes during production. For example, having them handy can make it convenient when there's a question on set and you need to quickly review a scene. 

Saving a copy of your stripboard will make it convenient to review your scene details if you ever need it on set, at a moment's notice.

Note: Generating a PDF requires a subscription to the Indie plan (or above).

Step 1 – Click the Generate PDF button

On your Stripboards page, click the Generate PDF button.

Step 2 – Adjust Settings & Layout

Click the Grid Settings dropdown menu to hide/show information on the page and the Layout dropdown menu to adjust page orientation, paper size, and more.

Step 3 – Click Download PDF

Once you've adjusted the settings to your liking, click Download PDF.

Can the scene colors on the stripboard be changed?

The scene colors are based on the time of day description for the scene. For example, an interior daylight scene is white. they cannot be changed manually.

Can the stripboard be exported as a spreadsheet?

Yes, it can! Simply select the Export as CSV option in the More menu.

Can I hide columns on the stripboard?

Yes, you can! Click the More button and select Customize Columns to hide or show various information on the stripboard.

Are there different layout options for the shooting schedule when printing?

The layout of the shooting schedule cannot be changed or customized.

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