How to Auto-Add Day Breaks

Save time by adding day breaks automatically to your stripboard.

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Do you need to add shoot days to your shooting schedule quickly? Follow these steps:

Step 1 — Click the Add Day Breaks button

On your Stripboards page, click the Add Day Breaks button.

Step 2 — Set parameters

In the pop-up, select how many pages should pass or how much time should pass until a day break is added. If you would like to add a start date, select the Set start date option, set working days and start time, then click Add Day Breaks.

Note: The hours option will only work if Est. or Prep and Shoot times have been set.

Step 3 — Day breaks are added

After clicking Add Day Breaks, your stripboard will refresh and you will see your day breaks added after the parameters you selected. 

Tip: Adding day breaks will automatically calculate the page count from the scenes listed directly above.


Why aren't your day breaks added?

First, you must confirm that your schedule contains Page Eighths or Est., and/or Prep and Shoot times so that you can add the auto-day breaks based on these. If none of your Scenes contain these, there wouldn't be any way to automatically add day breaks.

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