Step 1 — Click on New Contact

On the Contacts page, click on the New Contact button.

Step 2 — Enter contact details

In the pop-up, enter contact's full name, email address, role position.

Step 3 — Save your contact

After entering contact details, click on Save Contact. If you want to continue adding more contacts, click Save & Add Another.

Can you add a contact without an email address?

Currently, you must include valid email address to create a new contact. This is because a Contact must have an email address to properly receive a call sheet and other notifications.

If I add someone as a contact, but they don't have StudioBinder, will they be emailed?

They will not be emailed at any point after adding a new Contact.

Can we add more than one email address per contact?

Currently, you cannot add more than one email address per contact.


How do you upload or attach an image to Talent?

If you're looking to add images to a Cast Member (or crew), simply hover over their default avatar, select an image from your desktop and click Save. You'll see that the profile photo has been updated and saved.

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