As your business needs change, It's important to consider what plan works best for you. We offer a number of different options to fit you and your teams specific needs, including Individual and Company plans. 

Switch plans any time, upgrade or downgrade with no worries.

Upgrade your account

  1. From the Projects page, click Upgrade in the sidebar.
  2. On the Upgrade page, select your desired plan and click Upgrade.
  3. In the pop-up, click Upgrade Now and you will unlock the features available on that plan.
  4. To activate the features, you must refresh the page.

Downgrade your account

  1. From the Projects page, click Upgrade in the sidebar.
  2. On the Upgrade page, select your desired plan and click the Downgrade button.
  3. In the pop-up, click Downgrade Now.

Note: When you downgrade your account, you'll immediately lose access to the premium features.

What happens if I upgrade mid-cycle?

If you're already subscribed to a premium plan and upgrade to a higher plan, you will be charged the prorated difference between the two plans and the remaining days for the month.

I just upgraded to a plan but it's not showing up, where are my features?

After you upgrade your plan (i.e. to send call sheets), the changes won't be reflected until you refresh the browser.

I have one project this month, do I have to pay the full amount or are there any lower options?

If you just need to use StudioBinder for one Project, this is available on our Free plan. However, if you're looking to unlock premium access to our call sheets, shot lists, etc. you must upgrade to one of our premium plans. You can easily downgrade before the end of your billing cycle to avoid getting charged again.

What do i do if I accidentally downgraded my account?

Contact the support team via email: or the Blue Live Chat Bubble in the bottom right of the page. 

Is there a longterm commitment or can I cancel at any point?

There's no commitment since you can easily upgrade and downgrade as your production needs change.

I tried downgrading to the Free plan, but it says that I have more than One Project.

When this message appears, it means that you have multiple Projects in your account. If you only see one Project on the Active Projects page, click the dropdown and switch it to Archived to view archived Projects, then simply delete them and try once more.

Is there a way to pay once instead of a monthly subscription?

Currently, this is not available.

Can I pause my subscription?

If you're subscribed to a premium account, there is no way to "pause" an account, or put it "on hold." However, when you downgrade your account to the Free plan, and decide to reactivate it at a later point, your Project will be retained (as long as it hasn't been deleted).

Can I delete/deactivate my account?

Currently there is not an option to delete or deactivate an account.

Best practices when changing plans.

  • Make sure you back up any information you might need in the future. When a project is removed from StudioBinder, it cannot be recovered
  • After you make a change your plan, it is important to remember to refresh the web browser. This guarantees that you are able to access all the features that are included with your new plan.

Note: Your billing cycle will not change when switching plans.

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