Discounts can be applied upon checkout when upgrading an account or applied at the start of a billing cycle on the Billing Settings page. Watch the video πŸ‘‡or follow along below.

Note: If the green checkmark does not appear and you do not see the discounted price, remove the code and try again. Remember the code is case sensitive. Refunds will not be granted for codes input incorrectly. Discount codes cannot be added to previous purchases.

You can apply a coupon or offer code when you upgrade to a plan. This will apply the discount immediately.

You can also apply a discount at any point via your Billing Settings page. When you do this, the discount will go into effect at the start of the next billing cycle.

Step 1 β€” Go to Company Settings

On your Projects page, hover over your profile photo and click Company Settings.

Step 2 β€” Click Billing Settings

On your Company Settings page, click Billing Settings.

Step 3 β€” Enter your Offer Code

On your Billing Settings page, enter your Offer Code and click the blue arrow to apply it. If your coupon is valid, the pricing will be updated accordingly and the discount will be automatically applied the next time your account is charged.

Note: StudioBinder only provides discount codes to non profits, educational institutions and current students.

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