After upgrading to a premium plan, you can easily downgrade your membership at any point. For example, if your team wrapped up a client project and you don't plan on using StudioBinder until the next opportunity; simply cancel your account back to the Free plan.

Note: Keep in mind that downgrading will not deactivate your account. 

So how do you cancel your subscription? Watch this video👇or follow these steps:

Downgrading your plan

  1. Sign in, and click VIP in the sidebar.

2. On the Plans page, scroll down and click Downgrade To Free.

3. In the pop-up, confirm your selection and click Downgrade Now. 

Note: It is the responsibility of a user to downgrade their plan prior to being charged at the start of the next billing cycle. To confirm whether you are truly downgraded to the Free plan, go to the Billing page which should state what plan you're subscribed on. As soon as you downgrade, you will lose access to any premium features immediately

Why can't you downgrade to the Free plan?

In order to cancel your subscription to the Free account, you must remove all but 1 Project on your account. This includes both Active and Archived Projects.

Can you pause (discontinue) an account or freeze an account for some time?

Currently, there is no way to put an account on hold.

I was just auto-charged for a subscription that I forgot to cancel, what do I do?

The next step to avoid being charged again would be to cancel your plan and remove your Projects to go back on the Free plan.

Will I be able to keep access to my script breakdown after downgrading my account?

Yes, you'll be able to access what has already been broken down on your Breakdown page. However, you will not be able to tag any additional elements.

When I try to downgrade to the Free version, it says "You can only have 1 Project" which I do. 

If you only have 1 Project on your Project Overview page, but it's not letting you downgrade, double-check your Archived Projects that are inactive.

Can I get a refund?

Our refund policy, as stated on the Pricing page, is that we offer a 1-time courtesy refund if a request is received within 24 hours of the charge.

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