It's easy to assign and swap positions for your contacts, at any time. You can also customize position names and departments or even change the order, which will be reflected on your existing call sheets. Here's how to assign roles: 

Step 1 — Click on the assigned role

On your Contacts or Project Contacts page, click on the currently assigned role. 

Note: If you just added a new contact, the placeholder will say Assign A Role.

Step 2 — Assign a role

In the pop-up, you can change the role by scrolling or searching for positions. To add multiple roles, click Add More Roles.

Step 3 — Click Save Role

After adding the role, click Save Roles.

Note: Keep in mind that if you change a contact's role from the Contacts page, it will override the role in the Project Contacts

What's Next?

Great, after assigning roles, here are ways to improve contact management process:

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