If you make a mistake when creating or assigning contacts, you can edit the recipients info by following these steps.

Step 1 — Go to Contacts page

On the Contacts or Project Contacts page, click the More Icon (⋮) to right of a contact.

Step 2 — Edit Contact

In the dropdown menu, click Edit Contact.

Step 3 — Save Changes

Edit the contact's details (such as phone number, email address, etc.), then click Save Changes to continue.

To update a Role, click on the assigned role to bring up the pop-up. If your contact is new, the placeholder text will say Assign Role.

Need to update or change a profile photo? Just hover over their profile icon and replace the image.

Note: Updating a talent and crew members contact details on Project Contacts will update on the Contacts page automatically.

I'm not able to add my contact's number, why is that?

If a phone number doesn't go through, this means that that phone number that you've entered is invalid. Try an alternative number and click Save.

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