StudioBinder continues to push the boundaries of how productions are managed by bringing the production process under one roof.

However, with new software, there's a bit of a learning curve. That's why we're pleased to offer Pre-Production Services and One-on-One Training.

Our team of in-house Producers, who understand StudioBinder inside and out, are here to get you up to speed with the StudioBinder software, letting you focus more on your production and less on the tech. All at a fraction of the time.

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The Services

Package 1: Scheduling

  • Script Reformatting We will take your script and format it into a shooting script, paying close attention to breakout any scene headings and locations that need to be planned for, and consolidate any duplicate phrasings of cast and scenes.

  • Script Breakdown —We will breakdown and tag all elements as written on the page, including Cast, Props, Set Dressing, Costumes, Makeup, VFX, Shooting Locations (if provided), and more. Along with pesky hidden elements.

  • Preliminary Shooting Schedule — Based on the script formatting and breakdown work above, we'll provide a preliminary shooting schedule, ready for fine-tuning to meet the demands of your shoot. We will also breakout any hidden locations for scheduling.

  • Production Reports — Breakdowns and schedules in hand, you'll be able to generate various breakdown and element reports, and the all-important DOOD (Day out of Days) Report.

** Does not include correcting grammar and spelling.

Package 2: One-on-One Virtual Training of StudioBinder

Learn the ins-and-outs and best practices of StudioBinder's project management tool from the people that know it best! From writing to syncing scripts to learning how to break down a script, set a shooting schedule, shot listing, call sheets, and more.

After your session with one of our producers you'll be ready to get the ball rolling on your next project.

The personalized, real-time screen share will cover how to...

  • write screenplays

  • sync screenplays to create shooting scripts

  • break down a shooting script

  • create a shooting schedule

  • shot list and storyboard

  • create, send, and track call sheets

  • manage production contacts

  • invite collaborators and team members

  • and any other questions you may have along the way.

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Scheduling Bundle:
     • 1-24 pages: $159/script
     • 25-49 pages: $279/script
     • 50-99 pages: $529/script
     • 100-125 pages: $629/script

Virtual Training Session:
• 1-hour Training Session: $100 per session

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Do I need to have an account?
Yes, if you do not have an account, an account will be set up for you. 

Will I have access to the account?
Yes, if you have an existing account you will still have access. If an account has been set up for you, you will be provided the login information.

What is the turnaround time?
This depends on the length of the script. At minimum, the turnaround will be 7 business days.

Can I make adjustments to the script?
Yes, once the script has been re-formatted to a shooting script, the shooting script file will be sent back to you so edits can be made to that script.****

** When editing the script, make sure the scene numbers stay consistent so work that has been done inside of StudioBinder is not lost or misplaced.


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