Not all scenes are created equally, some require more time and effort to pull off. If you have a scene that is going to require more than one day to shoot follow these steps to split up the scene on the stripboard:

Step 1 – Navigate to the Documents Page

Click the pencil icon on the left sidebar to open the documents page and then open your script.

Step 2 – Add a Scene Heading 

Once your script is open, find the scene you would like to split and place a scene heading where you would like it to be split. 

Note: StudioBinder will automatically append an alphanumeric scene number for you, so the existing scene numbers are not affected. The scene heading information should be exactly the same as it's the same scene, only split. 

Step 3 – Sync to the Project

Once you have the scene heading where you'd like it, sync the script to the project. 

When you navigate back to the Shooting Schedule the new scene strip will be placed at the bottom of the board. You can now schedule the scene strips individually. 

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