Characters, also known as Character Cues, identify who is speaking in a screenplay. They should  be the name that the character is most identified by. This can include a first name, last name or even a nickname. 

Just be sure to stay consistent with whatever choice you make. Watch the video below for proper formatting examples! 👇


Name Reveal

When a character is introduced [i.e. NURSE] and their actual name is revealed within the scene [BETTY], in the first instance of a character speaking after their real name has been revealed, establish by adding an extension of the original character name. [i.e. BETTY (NURSE)]. After that they are simply referred to as their actual name [BETTY].

Like this:

First Instance: BETTY (NURSE)


Disguised Characters

When a character dons a disguise [i.e. BATMAN] they are referred to as that character or by the original name and the disguised name separated by a slash [i.e. BRUCE/BATMAN].

Like this:

                     BRUCE                                                       BRUCE/BATMAN
I'll be right back.                                        Rachel!!!!

He runs into the bat-cave.                            OR

                                I'm the Batman!

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