Received an updated script and need to import a brand new script? Follow these instructions to import your script:

Step 1 ⏤ Click the more button

On the screenwriting page, click the More button. Select Import Script.

Step 2 ⏤ Import your script

Next, simply drag-and-drop your script, or click Browse to select your script (PDF, .fdx, or .fountain files work best)

To ensure that your page numbers appear successfully, make sure your scene numbers have been generated in your scripting software. Otherwise, your scenes will not have any page numbers on accompanying pages, such as your Stripboard page, Breakdown page, and so on.

After your screenplay is imported, it'll automatically create a Version which can be viewed in your Document Versions list.

What's Next?

Great, now that you know how to import your script, it's time to:

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