If you've been adding new scenes to your screenplay, you'll see letters added next to the number. For example, if you add a scene after scene 5, it will be labeled scene 5A, and so on.

It's generally best practice to have your scene numbers renumbered to avoid any confusion when your cast and crew reads the screenplay. To do this, just follow these steps or watch the video below ๐Ÿ‘‡:

Step 1 โค Click Renumber

On your toolbar, click Renumber.

Step 2 โค Click Apply

Confirm that you would like to renumber your scenes, then click Apply

When the pop-up goes away, you'll notice that your scene numbers have been successfully renumbered.ย 

After you've renumbered your scenes, you can now easily sync your screenplay changes so it updates throughout your entire project.

What's Next?

Great, now that you've learned how to renumber your scenes, it's time to:

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