You can include a column on your Shot List page to include Prep time and Shoot time to easily estimate the amount of time you need for a specific setup, or a scene. When you add a Camera Setup, it will automatically calculate the necessary time you need for all your shots.

Estimate prep and shoot times

  1. Go to your Shot List page

  2. Click on Adjust Columns and tick Prep & Shoot Time

  3. Add prep and shoot times per shot

Once this is enabled, you'll see that every shot on your Shot List page includes Prep (h) and Shoot (h) which is calculated in hours. To add times for each shot, just click on # and enter the estimated time.

Add camera setups

If you have a custom setup required (such as a dolly setup), you can automatically calculate the amount of time needed for that setup. Follow these steps to enable camera setups:

  1. Click Camera Setup

  2. Move the camera setup after a series of shots with prep/shoot times added

  3. You'll notice the setup automatically calculate the total prep and shoot time required for a setup

How do you hide the prep and shoot times?

Click Adjust Column and click on No Est. Time to disable this column from your Shot List.

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