Are you looking to write your own script or are you in the middle of screenwriting? You can easily import a script to not skip a beat, or just create a new screenplay. First, if you haven't created a project yet go ahead and do that. Then follow these easy steps:

Write your screenplay

  1. Go to your Documents page

  2. Create a New Document

  3. Select Screenplay and click Create Document

Note: If you do not see the Documents feature, you must first enable it in your Project Features.


Screenplay formatting options

We automatically take care of the industry-standard formatting for you so it doesn't get in the way. To learn about what every element means in your script, look below:

How do you view the page numbers?

To view page numbers of your screenplay, you must first sync to project and then visit your Shooting Schedule page. If the Page Numbers column has been enabled, you'll see the page length of your scenes.

Which document selection is best for video briefs?

To write your video brief scripts, we would suggest using Freeform since you won't be tied to any screenplay formatting options. In addition to this, you'll be able to include images, videos, tables, and more.

What's Next?

Great, now that you know how to write a script, it's time to:

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