Are you looking to save your shot list as one document?

After creating your shot list, it's time to organize them with Groups for faster saving and printing. For example, let's say you want to print all of your shot lists for your first day of production instead of printing each shot list one scene at a time. You can essentially combine shot lists from multiple scenes, nest them under a Group, and voila!

Watch the video below 👇or read on to see how!

Create New Groups

  1. Go to your Shot List page and click New List

  2. Click New Group (or New Scene Group) and enter a title

  3. Drag and drop specific shot lists into the Group

Note: Keep in mind that you can only add imported scene lists into a Scene Group, and not a regular Group. If you made a custom Shot List, this can only go into Group, and not Scene Groups.

How do I drag-and-drop shot lists into a Group?

On the left-side of the List, you'll see a dragger icon. Click and hold the icon, then simply drag it up or down to rearrange Lists, or drop them into a Group.

Can I move multiple shots at once from a Scene List to a Shot List?

Currently, there isn't any way to move multiple shots from one List to another List.

Can I undo any changes I make with Groups?

Currently, there isn't any way to revert changes made on your shot list or with Groups.

Why aren't my Lists going into a Group?

There are two types of Groups you can create: Scene Groups and Custom Groups. Currently, you can only drag a Custom List into a Custom Group, and a Scene Shot List into a Scene Group.

Can we get Imported Scenes to export as one PDF?

Yes, you can! Instead of printing them out (or exporting scene-by-scene), you can easily organize them with Groups. 

How do I reorder my List Groups?

Currently, there isn't any way to reorder your Groups on your Shot List page. If you're looking to rearrange the Groups, you can either rename the Groups, or move the Scenes from one Group to another.

Is it possible to move a group of shots?

You sure can! After adding all the Lists inside a Shot Group, simply drag-and-drop the Group higher, or lower in the sidebar.

Best Practices with Groups


Using Groups can dramatically make your teams process even more efficient and eliminate the constant email ping-pong and sharing of Dropbox links. For example, can easily organize your shot lists into days of production, pickup days, etc.

Let's say your location scout snapped photos of potential locations and wants to share them with the team. To do this, they can easily create a new Group labeled "Locations" and have each List be the location.

Don't forget, you can also adjust columns, aspect ratio, and layout to get the most customization and flexibility from your shot list.

What's Next?

Now that you know how to use Groups, it's time to generate a shot list report and share it with your team!

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