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How to sync a script to the project
How to sync a script to the project

Use sync screenplay to sync across the project

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You've written your script and now you're ready to start breaking it down and scheduling your shoot. So how do you populate the script on the Breakdowns and Stripboards pages? Follow along below to see how to sync your script to all of the pages of your project.

Step 1 – Sync Screenplay

From the Screenwriting page, click Sync to Project

Step 2 – Confirm changes

Confirm the changes on the Sync Screenplay page, and click Update Script.

Best practices when using Sync Screenplay

Sync Screenplay Window

Review the Sync Screenplay Window to verify changes that will take effect when importing a new draft.

1 – Removed scenes will show up in red.

2 – Modified scenes will be highlighted in blue.

3 – You can click on a scene to open it up and see the changes.

Is there a way to update the script without losing existing breakdowns?

Yes! If you use Sync Screenplay, it will preserve the tagged elements on your account as long as the existing scene numbers have not changed.

When syncing a new version of the script, I lost all tagged elements apart from cast members.

This is most likely because the scene numbers in your script have changed. Follow the instructions above and make sure that the scene numbers are the same!

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