Shot lists and storyboards are essential tools when it comes to creating video and photography projects. For example, while on set, the shot list keeps you organized with all your shot information available at a glance.

Track your shot details and even convert shot lists into a storyboards that will let you visually display your information to clients and collaborators. This will allow you to stay organized, and also help get your point across when pitching an idea, or concept.

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Follow these steps to make a shot list and how to create a storyboard.

Creating a shot list (and storyboard)

  1. On the Shot Lists & Storyboards page, click New Shot List

  2. Enter your shot details

  3. Click Create

Can I print or save my storyboard or shot list?

You can easily print a hard copy or save your work as a PDF. Keep it readily available if you ever need it when offline.

Can I share my shot list with teammates?

Is it possible to email shot lists? Yep, it's very easy to share a shot list with StudioBinder. Send your collaborators your shot list or storyboard, to review or make changes as needed.

Can I create a shot list from the screenplay I already imported?

You can easily create a shot list and assign shots to scenes from your previously imported screenplay. You can also duplicate and move shots between scenes!

Can I increase the font size on the storyboard?

You can increase the font size on the storyboard by clicking on the + symbol on the top-right of the storyboard.

Best Practices when working with shot lists and storyboards

Efficiency and tracking shots 

  • Add check boxes to your shot list before printing to help keep track of your completed work on set!

  • Before printing your work, we suggest making sure your aspect ratio is setup  to your specifications to avoid layout discrepancies. 

  • You can also adjust the columns to add or remove information from your shot, like times, notes, camera movement, equipment details, shot size, etc.

What's Next?

Great, now that you created your free storyboards and shot lists, it's time to:

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