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Go from Movie Magic Scheduling to StudioBinder
Go from Movie Magic Scheduling to StudioBinder

How to easily move from Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS) to StudioBinder

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It's easy to make the change from Movie Magic Scheduling over to StudioBinder. Just keep in mind that you cannot import Movie Magic Scheduling (.mms) files into StudioBinder, including a stripboard.

However, we make it easy to create shooting schedules, shot lists, storyboards, and reports. For example, tagged screenplays inside StudioBinder automatically generate Report. This will save you time and allow you to get more done.

Here are some quick ways to get started with StudioBinder.

First, importing your Screenplay

  1. On the Stripboards page, click Import Script

  2. Drag and drop your script file (.fdx, .sbx, .fountain, or PDF) or click Browse to select a file.

  3. Click New Schedule, and follow the on-screen prompts.

  4. A stripboard will automatically be generated.

Tip: If importing isn't instant, there may be script formatting that must be resolved prior to importing into StudioBinder.

Tag your elements

  1. Go to your Breakdown page.

  2. To tag elements simply highlight text, select the category and hit save.

Note: Any tags created in MMS will not be imported into StudioBinder.

Then share the reports

  1. Go to Reports from your Scheduling sidebar menu.

  2. Select a report from the options listed and share it instantly with collaborators.

What happens if I import a new version of my screenplay?

When you import a new version of your script, a new version of your shooting schedule, shot list, breakdown, and storyboard will automatically be generated. Your work is not lost or deleted, in fact, you can roll back to a previous version of your stripboard if needed.

What to do if I imported my script, and page numbers don't show?

Before you import your screenplay into StudioBinder, you should generate scene numbers in Final Draft. This will help avoid having to edit each strip manually.

Can you view StudioBinder Reports in Movie Magic Schedule?

This is currently not available.

Best practices with scheduling

Speed up your process

  • Before importing your screenplay, we suggest making sure your formatting is correct in order to make the most of our software.

  • Adding auto day breaks to your shooting schedule is fast, avoids manually adding day breaks and helps speed up your workflow.

  • You can share pages with your collaborators to get work done in tandem, allowing you to speed through projects together.

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