The upgrade and downgrade process in StudioBinder is easy and fast. If you don't have any client jobs in the pipeline, or if a Project has been pushed, you can easily downgrade your account back to the free plan. Here's what happens when you downgrade your account:

  • Projects: The Free plan allows up to 1 total Project on your account. This means that if you have multiple Projects (active or archived), you must completely delete them. Keep in mind that you will not be able to restore these Projects, or any of the associated files inside them. Your Project Contacts however, will be retained.

  • Features: The premium functionality that you've been using will be revoked instantly.

  • Teammates: You can only have one User on your account (yourself), so you'll need to remove any additional teammates on your account.

As your production needs change, you can always switch between plans to unlock more functionality.

Can I pause my account for several months?

Currently, there isn't any way to pause, or suspend a subscription.

Will my account maintain contacts after downgrading?

Yes, your account will have Contacts and other production material still available on your account.

What's Next?

Before you downgrade your account, consider following these options:

  • First, save your call sheets and shot lists if you've created any. 

  • Then, download any files from your storage

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