Are you scheduling multiple episodes for your TV show (or web series)? The best way to approach episodics with StudioBinder is to simply merge multiple scripts into one master file so that when you import your screenplay, you can easily reference other episodes as you're scheduling. That way, you are within the same Project and can easily view the entire season.


Step 1 — Combine your Screenplays

With Final Draft (or Celtx), simply open your scripts and combine them into one screenplay file. That way, your scripts will be within the same Project.


Step 2 — Import your Screenplay

After you've combined your scripts, it's time to import your screenplay! Go to your Shooting Schedule page and click Import Script.


Step 3 — Voila!

Now that you've successfully merged your screenplays into a single file, you can start scheduling, tagging your script, and so on

Best Practices

If you have multiple seasons and episodes, we would suggest the following Scene Number structure: Scene [season number].[episode number] (i.e. Scene Number 2.5)


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