StudioBinder provides a web-based platform with a Free plan (different than a free trial) that you can test for one Project. No download necessary. Here is a list of exactly what the free plan includes and the current limitations:

  • Contacts: Add unlimited contacts to your account

  • Projects: Up to 1 Project (total number) 

  • Shooting Schedule: Import 50% of a screenplay. Only 1 Version of screenplay available

  • Call Sheets: Create call sheets and send a test call sheet. Keep in mind that you can only send it to yourself, and not other recipients.

  • Calendars: Create unlimited calendars and groups. Limited to 5 events per Calendar

  • Breakdowns:  Tag up to 10 elements

  • Shot List & Storyboard: Create up to 10 shots

  • Screenwriting: Create unlimited Screenplay or Freeform documents.

How many shot lists can you add for each Project?

It depends on the plan that you're subscribed to. The Free plan provides up to 10 shot lists and storyboards, however, if you need more, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

How many contacts can we add on the Free version?

You can add unlimited contacts whether you're on a Free plan, or a premium plan.

Can I send call sheets to the entire cast and crew on the Free plan?

Currently, you can only send yourself a test call sheet. To deliver call sheets to your entire production, you must subscribe to the Indie plan (or above).

I'm unable to create a new Project, why?

When you are subscribed to the Free plan, you'll be limited to one free Project. If you want to make a new Project, you'll need to make room for it by removing the previous Project. Alternatively, you can unlock additional Projects by subscribing to our premium plans.

Are there any free trials? 

Currently, we do not offer any free trials on StudioBinder.


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