We are proud to support students, teachers, and educational institutions. We provide two options for educational subscribers. 

Note: If you subscribe annually, you will be billed the entire amount upfront.

1. Discounts for Individual Students & Teachers

If you are an active student or teacher, you may qualify for our student/teacher discount. Monthly subscribers receive 25% off each month of their first semester, while Annual subscribers receive 40% off their first year (which includes the 15% yearly discount).

Just sign in with your school email address, and message us via the blue speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the page. After that, our Customer Success team will verify your account and provide a special discount code for upgrades.

2. Discounts for Schools

Our school plans offer up to 85% savings for educational institutions. The idea is to provide your school with the world's leading video, photo, TV & film production management software at a fraction of the normal cost. School plans are designed for teams and are based on volume and an annual subscription. 

To qualify for a School Plan:

  • 20 Seat Minimum

If you think you qualify for the school discount and are ready to get started, feel free to schedule a call with an enterprise rep here.

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